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In the words of Psyguy, "Give Credit Where Credit is Due."

Megaman is Copyright Capcom
Sonic is Copyright Sega
DBZ is Copyright Funimation and Akira Toryamia
All other characters copyright their respective owners

All Megaman sprites are from Sprites Inc.
Sonic Advance Sprites made by DanielSydney
Pulseman is copyright his respective owner, sprites by Marble Park.
Sonic Adv. Alphabet ripped/created by Sonic Sue
Chrono Trigger Copyright SquareEnix, sprites by Lepp(?)
Anything Pretaining to Legendaryfrog stuff is copyright Legendaryfrog, or the people who originally made the stuff he made fun of.
Megaman 2 Boss Sprites by Viro
Strong Bad is Copyright, sprites by Scorch
Cars Made by Adam The Hedgehog and Rewd
Sauron Sprites are by me and Sauron belongs to J.R.R Tolkein. One Ring To Rule Them All is copyright Legendary Frog
Invictus made a sheet with various body parts, so It's probably from him if I don't mention it.
Fantasi was made by Mint, but given to me.
Shadow Sprites by DanSidney Shadow is copyright Sega.
Lavos Sprites by Tonberry2K Lavos copyright Squaresoft
Megaman Legends Sprites by MTMALMANN4
Backgrounds by Psyguy, dumb looking ones by me.
Krillin Sprites ripped by Jonathan Explorer
Morrigan is Copyright Capcom, sprites by anime 914.
Wart is Copyright Nintendo
Sonic Battle Sprites from Shyguy Kingdom
Sephiroth Sprites by Krawnik
King Dedede sprites ripped by Hitoshi copyright Nintendo
The Mask sprites ripped by Metalsonic Mach 2
Shadow Sprites ripped by SaturnEchidna Copyright Sonicteam
Bomberman Copyright Hudson, sprites by Qwerty1080
Sonic advance characters ripped by Danielsidney
Exkube is Maniacal Gruntling's character
Jade is Dreweth's Character.
Invader Zim Copyright Nickoloedion(sp) Sprites by and Metalmnn4.
Final Fantisy sprites copyright squareenix, sprites from shyguy kingdom.
Frieza sprites by SSJ3 sonic.

Pat Pending Copyright the patent office