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The Adventures of Mavrick and Indigo


Mavrick: A Mysterious Reploid that appeared in near the home of Indigo. He doesn't remember much of his past, but tries his best to do what he wants. Whether it be saving the world, or causing mischief. He's not very smart when it comes to much...he also runs the Kool-Aid depot given to him by Sprite Legend Squeaks. He currently is on the bus again.


Indigo: Sonic fan, Sprite collecter, super fast hedgehog, and leader of the cubes (what he and his friends call each other), Indigo is everything that makes Mavrick and Indigo, well... Mavrick and <STRONG>Indigo. </STRONG>Indigo just like collecting sprites and going on adventures like his favorite hero hedgehog. He even has a girl hedgehog that hero worships him. He also recently obtained author power allowing him to bend reality, but it only works some of the time. He and the rest of the Cubes and Mavrick are now homeless.


Pulseman: The apparent main villain of the piece. Although he tries to do evil things, it would seem he works for forces beyond our mortal comprehension. He is the leader of a criminal organization that has conqured the Kool-aid Depot...which was destroyed by a giant Moth pupa.


Marle: Poor Marle died because Pulsman wanted to prove a point. Whether it came across...


Bubbleman: One of the first robot masters created by Dr. Wily, He constantly insists something is wrong with the Megaman section of the world but always gets killed before he can find help.


Strong Bad: Who doesn't like Strong Bad? The most awesomest guy at has come here to try bus driving. Problem is, Sauron stole his bus...


Sauron: The Enemy of Man, and the one Parody that has gone on long enough, Sauron is straight from the "One Ring to Rule them All" series of Flash Movies, but now he seems to be more evil. Maybe he's getting back to his novel roots?


Jet: The Brains of the Cubes. He is an expert of all things digital, and at such a young age... Hey girls, isn't he cute? He used to be controlled by a mysterious force that made him run amok in a robot suit he designed.


Fantasi: She mysterously appeared one day. She is a major Sonic fan and leads a normal life, or do you call being kidnapped, put into a strange machine and causing the ceasing of all reality normal? Regardless, she's somewhere out there.


Shadow Napalmman: He is Napalmman, but why is he shadowed?


Shadowwoodman: Woodman is also Shadowed...what is this mystery?


Ninjaman: Originally a Robot Master, Ninjaman decided to be his own shadow bot and do whatever he wants. He seems to know more than he's saying, but he is trying his best to be good.


Mystery Villain: Who is this Mystery Villain, and what does he want with Fantasi? Will he ever return to ruin the heros' lives?


Spice: The Third Member of the Cubes. He's the fighter of the bunch, often going on his own to train. He may have skills yet he lacks in common sense and proper driving skills, much to Mavrick's dismay


Roboxnik: The great evil scientist of Mavrigo. He loves Microsoft and tries to do everything to make Microsoft the best, but he usually messes up like inventing X-Box. (It's an ok system I guess.)


Xbots: These are various creations by Dr. Roboxnik they include the Metalcubes series, MSN Moth and X-bot among others. They all serve to make Mircrosoft bigger than it already is, but even though they try to copy other people's work, they still can't beat the orginal.


KK: his full name's Krazy Kevin, but he prefers KK for short, just make sure not to ask him to play a song on Saturday Nights or he'll be sliding you right out of the Kool-Aid Depot. He is a very strange person indeed.


Insigo: "Dear Strong Bad, if you hate Homsar so much, why don't you kill him?"


Sonic Characters: Well you know who they are and what they're like...if you don't go play a Sonic game...just make sure you send 4Kids some hate mail for me ok?


Shadow: Shadow has disappeared since the events of "Shadow the Hedgehog." He spends most of his time nowadays hanging on the Ark and looking for that "D*mn FOURTH chaos emerald."


Shadow2: "Running Microsoft Database on Shadow2: Shadow2 is a project of Dr. Roboxnik. he is a new and improved model of Prof. Gerald's Ultimate lifeform. Ultilizing the technologies of Sony 'aquired' in the traditional way of Microsoft, Shadow2 is the most destructive force on the planet. If it ever escapes, it will fulfill its programming to unleash an older project, for which the data is unknown."


Exkube: Some say he walks the fine line between genius and madness while he says he already crossed it. From the Sound person Maniacal Gruntling!


Jade: Well he seems to have a lot of titles to him, but everyone in Mavrigo knows him as the mysterious "Jade." What is his purpose and why does he speak like Frog on Chrono Trigger? Find out next time! By Dreweth


Censorman: Not much is known of Censorman, who just recently appeared in Mavrigo. What we do know is for some reason he's a super hero bent on keeping censorship order in Mavrick&Indigo for no apparent reason. Perhaps it is in his past that we can find what truly motivates this would-be superhero...and it doesn't help that everyone in Mavrigo laughs at him. He now resides on Pirateman's ship


Mint: The original Artist for M&I (other than myself) Mint is known to do completly random acts and as such she is closely monitored by Censorman and for fun she like to torture him with his one weakness...


Robert B. Black Mage: AKA Bob the Black Mage. Robert may be a praticioner of the Dark Arts, but he is also a very religious man attending church weekly and donating to charity. It is unclear how he came to either be religious or a black mage, for a combination like that is unheard of. Perhaps there's a story behind this, or maybe I'm just making a messed up character for fun.


Frieza: The tale of Frieza is a sad one indeed. After the ending of the Frieza Saga, fear and respect for him have dwindled. (Not to mention his girly voice) Now he is alone and out of work. Oh how the mighty have fallen.


Unknown organization member: No.0 in Organization XIII, he has no purpose whatsoever and since he was kicked out of Organization XIII, he has felt like an empty shell of his former self. But that's to be expected when you're a "Nobody".


Pirateman: Yo Ho Yo Ho a pirate's life for me!


Mavrickindigo: The author incarnate. His power was somewhat weakened due to him giving it to Indigo to re-create the world. He only interevenes in the comic if something (un)forseeable happens in the real world.

Badly Drawn Comix


Emotion King: The king of Arte He is a decendant of the last king to win the Arte centinial artist contest. Now 100 years from that time, the Emotion King is threatened by the approaching coming of the contest and he holds a dark secret...he can't draw!


Stick Figure Man: The Emotion King's Right Hand Man. Stick Figure Man, or let's call him SFM right now, was the first drawing of the Emotion King, but sadly it didn't go as he planned.For some reason he just came to life without being completed (lucky him.) Now he just hangs around being cool, and trying to get the king to draw better. SFM is the coolest of all stick figures and all the lady stick figures better watch out.


Anna May: She is Anna May Manga, an artist who wants to learn the best from the "Great" Emotion King. Problem is, she doesn't know he can't draw. She is the artist of Mr. Scribble the best drawn person so far, mostly because she's not from Arte.


Evil Jellyfish Squigglez: Drawn by the Emotion King, all Squigglez wanted was to be loved, but the king didn't expect his "masterpiece" would come to life, so in surprise, the king silenced the innocent artwork in a fit of fear. Now Squigglez has come back and wants revenge on the artist that not only shunned him but destroyed him, and to do so he needs help...


Mr. Scribble: A Scribble drawn by Anna May under the teaching of the Emotion King. His appearance varies

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